Working with gold, silver, gemstones and enamel, Laurie Bartholomew crafts pieces that are unprecedented in uniqueness and individuality. As an artist, her intent is to create jewelry that serves not only as functional adornment but is also a work of art. Laurie draws inspiration from her life, aspects both harsh and wonderful, and her design aesthetic incorporates these opposing forces. Using colors, words and symbols, and various metals to tell a story or convey a single thought or emotion, she creates jewelry that is both magical and meaningful, and evokes a sense of timelessness.

Laurie established Bartholomew Jewelers in 1995 in Memphis, TN. She works onsite in her studio designing and fabricating jewelry. Laurie also specializes in creating custom pieces for clients as well as jewelry repair.

Laurie received her BFA in metals from the Memphis Academy of Arts in 1983.